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Our team of professionals can assist your company, regarding of size or complexity, in the following areas of network consulting. With HTR on your side, you can be rest assured that you have the best team of IT specialists on your team, at a fraction of cost of having an in-house IT department. We offer:

  Firewall & security
Wide & local area network
Wireless network
Win2000 network
Client servers & installation
Systems set up, maintenance & back up
On-site and depot repair
24x7 Customer Support
Wireless Networking
A wireless Local Area Networking solution can offer your company an extremely cost effective way to extend the range of your wired Ethernet or Token-Ring network without the need for the downtime and disruption associated with an equivalent cabled solution. As the way we work evolves, companies are increasingly benefiting from the increased productivity and flexibility attributed to wireless and roaming technologies. They provide a new business a competitive edge over the rest, they save time and the benefits by far outweigh the costs.
Wireless LAN is the networking technology that holds more promise than any other for modern business; and Fishbone can help to ensure that your company will enjoy a smooth and painless migration path up to 2.4 GHz wireless technologies.
What is Wireless
Wireless local area networking (WLAN) allows users to access network resources from their PC's, laptops or PDA's using a high speed broadband connection between the user device and an access point or access server integrated into the cabled side of the network. Predominantly wireless networking in the Singapore uses the 802.11g protocol that enables users to access the network at speeds up to 54 Mb/s. Connectivity is limited to a within a radius from the access point, and this range itself is determined by the operating conditions and the environment in which the system operates; but typically a range of 100 - 300 feet is attainable indoors; however this is extendable with the addition of further access points or antennae throughout or between sites.
Fishbone wireless LAN solutions can be easily integrated into your existing cabled LAN environment without costly investment being a necessity. Furthermore, the range, capacity and performance of the wireless LAN can be improved over time on a 'modular' basis. This is achieved through the introduction of additional access points, antennas and access servers into the wireless infrastructure.
As a result, a wireless solution can be tailored precisely to the needs of your company. Yet it also ensures that your investment remains protected in the long-run thanks to the scalability and interoperability of and between the technologies available.



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