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  Maintenance of Your Individual Computer We recommend in particular  
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How will you benefit from Fishbone Maintenance?

  Set up a routine for on-going maintenance of your computer      

Computer network support and maintenance is as vital as maintenance on your car - it should be treated as an ongoing exercise.

This will allow you trouble free computing and fast, efficient responses if you do have problems. A well maintained computer, laptop, network or server is easier to fix in the event of a problem if maintenance over its lifespan has been kept to a high level. Equipment lasts longer and does more for you if well maintained.

Maintenance of Your Individual Computer
A properly configured machine that is dedicated to the tasks you require will have far fewer problems than a machine that:
  Is used for many different purposes.
  Often downloads and installs programs from the Internet.
We suggest for each machine:
  Decide exactly what you require from your PC and keep this as streamlined as possible
  Ensure you have fully licensed copies of its operating system (usually MS Windows for a PC ) and any
other software you need.
  If access to the internet is required, your PC is vulnerable to attack in many different forms
1. Malicious software and viruses
2. From hackers who wish to access your PC directly.

Their main objective may be the data stored on it but usually it is to use your PC as a relay for numerous e-mail spam that if traced appears to come from your computer rather than the illegal originators.

  Anti-Virus software is fitted to prevent malicious programs entering the PC (mainly via e-mails) and also
to help scan the PC from time to time for viruses.
  Your Anti-Virus software is kept up to date - If not updated with the latest Virus information then your PC
is increasingly vulnerable to attack.
  You fit a firewall against hackers - This can be a software version for a PC or a hardware version for a
server that is a hub for a network.
Set up a routine for on-going maintenance of your computer::
  Disk defragmenting will help keep data together on your disk and so prevent unnecessary slower
processing speed.
  Deleting files & emptying your recycle bin often will help keep your PC tidy.
  Regularly download updates from the internet to keep your Anti-Virus and operating system software up to date.(You can even set this up automatically in many cases).
Whilst some of the issues with network and server support and maintenance are similar to PCs, a central problem can cripple your entire network. A more rigorous and proactive approach is advisable to prevent problems before they happen.
We recommend in particular:
  Regular checks on disk space as these can fill up rapidly Checks on event logs to foresee problems
Security checks to ensure ongoing protection of your system and data.
  Antivirus and software patch updates.
  Internet usage checks.
  Configuration of, particularly new, users to maximize efficiency and staff time.
How Fishbone Solutions can help you:
We would like to help your company to reduce your I.T. expenditure by proposing a well structured maintenance contract. Based on market survey, most I.T. staffs are idle 60%-80% during their employment. In addition, they are taking home more than $30,000 per annum excluding staff benefits such as annual leave, medical/sick leave, bonuses, etc.

Fishbone Solutions maintenance contract proposals (Response time: 2 to 4 working hours):

a) Time-Based, unlimited workstations, printers, file servers (per annum).

b) Unlimited service calls (per annum).

How you will benefit from Fishbone maintenance contract:
  You have access to the expertise of the entire company instead of one I.T. personnel.
  Reduce downtime, maintain continuity. Fishbone Solutions document all your company I.T. equipment
and software configuration. No need to re-familiarize as with the turnaround of I.T. personnel.
  Achieve between 50% to 80% annual savings.



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